Or the fear of success. Pretty much the same syndrome. Have you experienced it? Well I am a queen of it. Or at least I was. After hours, days, weeks, months, years of work on myself and more importantly on my deep beliefs, I start to see the light.

Do you know what it is exactly? Women especially are the most touched by it. People and I can talk about me I feared success because I deep down I thought that I could not have it all. I could not have my dream, house, dream husband. dream cat, dream personal life and also be successful in my career. I thought I did not deserve it all and I could not complain about it because my life was and still is so filled with love that my success could not happen without losing the rest. One of the thing I was unconsciously doing was to set unachievable goals so I could verify for myself those limited beliefs. I was setting myself up for failure.

I was so wrong. I have never been to therapy, but I have been coached many times to try to change my deep beliefs and until recently it was not working. I do not know how, I guess I was finally ready to go deeper in my subconscious and I started to replace those limited beliefs. I guess it is because I am pregnant and I do not want my kid to hold himself back because of my own limited beliefs. First the first time of my my life it all became so simple and easy and I got so clear that I could replace one by one my limited beliefs. Here some of the exercises that helped me through this journey:

  1. I talked a lot about it to many different people. And one day I talked to the right person and I finally uncover the why

  2. I took take to do a vision board. I have always had a big vision for myself so I decided to go for it but instead of thinking about it, I actually detailed for myself what it would take me to achieve them. Time for me has always been a big thing: how could I get there the fastest, the youngest, the first one. Those focuses never served me. So instead, I have my big vision and then I my small steps: some are as small as my daily inspired actions to take.

  3. I read and still read a lot of books. Now that I know for sure the path I am taking with a business that passionates me and intrigues me at the same time. When I doubt I know that I have the resource to do whatever it takes because I still learn every single day.

  4. I got super organized and so focused that I do not even make a difference between weekdays and weekends. To me all days are opportunities to grow, learn, connect, and become better than the day before.

  5. I affirm my success and I affirm to myself that I deserve it. I don’t hold myself back anymore. I have understood that I am not a little girl anymore and I must go after my dreams because no one else will do it for me.

I do not know if this is going to work for you, but try one or two and see how it takes you. Let me know your thoughts and if you had those limited beliefs and how you fought them.