The REAL “Law of Attraction?”

Isn’t it something about thinking yourself rich or quantum pseudo-frequencies.

Well, it does not need to be that complicated. I recently learned that it can be very PRACTICAL and FUN.

And once you practice the steps I am about to share with you, you’ll have money or whatever it is you want, knock at your door. Yes, because it is not only working for money. It is working for anything you want to manifest in your life.

A new car, a dream house, a lover - yes! You hear me right, I said lover! Name it and you’ll have it.

So read on and you’ll learn all about what I did to manifest money, so you’re not fighting tooth-n’-nail for peoples’ attention in today’s busy marketplace!

It all started with a book I listened to and studied!

Regardless of all the Getting Rich Book available in the market today, at the end of the day, manifesting your dream life is all about you and how you comply with the universal rules.

Have you heard about Get Rich. Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas, a book about releasing money blocks and live a first-class life?

That’s the book that changed my life! It was so simple, accurate and practical that I saw a change in my life pretty much right away.

Believe it or not, a week or so after I started to study it, I manifested money right in my mailbox. An unexpected check of $85 was waiting for me in my mailbox.

I was blown away!

Since then I never stopped manifesting more and more things that I want in my life.

Are you up to learn how I did?


Physically and more importantly emotionally.

There are four types of decluttering you need to do first before asking the “Universe” for anything.


Because the answers are always within us. I believe in the power of our thoughts.

So what and how do we declutters?



I started my journey by decluttering physically. I blocks several days in my calendar, and I decluttered my environment. The goal was to keep only the things that make me feel like the rich lucky b. I wanted to be.

manifesting money.jpg

So I started with my home office. I decluttered, cleaned, trashed every items that were not reflecting the millionaire I wanted to be. I went bananas, and just kept the things that make me feel successful, worthy, and rich.

I kept going with my bathroom. I kept my high quality products and makeup and gave away the rest.

I went then to my wardrobe. I said goodbye to many clothes and shoes. I sold some of them, give away others, and trash what could not be worn anymore.

I felt relieved. I feel free. I felt empowered. Weird enough, I felt richer!

I did not stop there… I opened a note booked and started writing about my memories and beliefs around money! Believe me those steps are crucial.

Your Past Memories

Write down any negative memories you have about money. Remember how you felt when that happened. Don’t hold yourself back. Even the ones you think do not matter, actually matter the most.

Below some examples:

  • The day I lend $10 to Lisa who never reimbursed me. I felt angry and used. I never asked for my money back. I was ashamed.

  • The day I lend $30 to my sister. She reimbursed my father who did not want to give me my money back because of all the things he was buying me already. It was very unfair. I was angry and humiliated. I felt ashamed for asking.

  • The day when I paid like every body else at the restaurant while I just ordered a salad. It was very unfair. I was angry. People made me feel ashamed.

You got it, right? Do not skip anything. It can take you 5 minutes or 3 hours. It does not matter.

Your Deep Beliefs

Write down anything related to making/earning money that you believe is true.

Below some of the beliefs I had:

  • I need to work hard to make money

  • It need to be painful

  • The less I am with my family, the more money I make

And the list goes on.

The last thing you need to declutter is your past failures around money. Let’s talk about that…


Have you ever had a business failure? You invested in something and never achieve anything out of it.

It happens to me many many time. I spent loads of money to educate myself and never really went for it after all. It definitely felt like a failure.

Make a list of all the people, poor investments, businesses, poor money choices. etc. you made. Do not forget anything nor anyone.

Here come some of my examples:

  • My first boss who would never give me a raise

  • My coworker who was doing the same as me and we paid way more

  • My first company the Powow

  • A client of mine who never paid the right price

You can absolutely go back and forth with your lists. You can add or delete things. Those are for you to work on.

Now that we declutter our life and mind, it is time to let go and forgive yourself, your thoughts and others.


This step is the most empowering you can take. By forgiving the thoughts that hold you back, you let go of those negative anchors.

A practical way to do so is as simple as Abracadabra.

The Magic Formula

Thank you! I forgive you. I love you.

For each negative memories, beliefs, experiences, repeat over and over the mantra above. Breath through it.

When you free your mind from those negative anchors and the feelings you associated with them, you leave room for new memories, beliefs, and experiences.

Now, the only thing that you have to focus on is what you WANT.

Not saying that it is easy, but it is very simple! The question that I kept asking myself though was: how do I know if I moved on?

I recently was introduced to the Abraham-Hicks emotional scale, which gave me an answer to what I should be looking for in terms of my emotions toward money.

Let’s dig deeper!

Law of attraction emotional scale

Abraham-hicks emotional scale

I just discovered this amazing emotional scale. My recommendation is to use it as a tool to assess where exactly you are at regarding your money beliefs and memories.

Aim for the top layer. When you are there, stay!




Sorry, but not sorry, the “I want to be happier” does not work as a CLEAR goal.


Because a warm cup of coffee can make you happier for the next 5 minutes.

For the Universe, it does not make any difference.

The author of the book Get Rich Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield-Thomas has the best example of all. She describes: while she was pregnant she had this very specific craving for strawberry doughnuts from Doughnut King. She texted her husband and said, “can you bring me home some doughnuts?”

He brought her caramel Krispy Kreme ones, and she was so so disappointed that she almost threw them back to his face.

Do you see where I am going here? She was not enough specific. Did she get what she asked for? Absolutely! The Universe is working the same way.

I want you to remember each time you ask the Universe for something and think, he did not deliver. Ask yourself, where you enough specific.

So, if you want to activate the Law of Attraction and manifest some very very specific things, you have to become better at setting your goals.

Does it make sense?

Take a pen and a paper. Write down one thing you want to have by the end of the month. Do wish for a million dollars in your bank account if you do not BELIEVE you can do it.


Positive anchors are here to remind you your goals. They are here for you to stay in the positive flow you’ve just created.

In order to manifest, you have to be in that positive vortex as much as possible.

Notice that I said “as much as possible!” We are humans and being positive 100% of the time is not always positive.

Know that it is okay to have negative thoughts and feelings. When that happens, just go back one, two or three steps back and reassess. Sometimes you will uncover a new beliefs that is not serving you anymore.

Accept the thoughts. Be grateful about it and MOVE on.

What are some of the positive anchors you can add to your day-to-day life?

Denise Duffield-Thomas said she had 50 different manifesting techniques (aka ripples or anchors). I have less, and below some that I love using:

  1. I changed my husband name on my phone. He is now the husband of a $55,000 monthly income wife.

  2. I did the same with my mom. They are the two people I call or text many times a day.

  3. I set up automatic notifications. Every hour, I receive on my phone, “you are AMAZING at manifesting $55,000 on your bank account by the end of the month.

  4. I changed my laptop and desktop password to $55Kmonthly.

  5. I wrote down two different white boards my goal.

  6. I also took a picture of my bank account and put the amount of $$ I am making by the end of the month.

  7. I do affirmations every morning.

  8. I listen to guided meditations as much as possible.

  9. I have a vision board.

  10. I use visualizations as well.

Try to do as much as you can think of. Become obsessed - like the burning desire that Napoleon Hill is talking about in this Think and Grow Rich book. Hold to the emotion associated to you accomplishing your goal.

Go crazy because it really won’t work if you think about it for two minutes every day.

Share your anchors with me in the comment section below. Let’s get inspired together.


Inspired actions are different than any other actions.

An inspired action is more than a to-do list. It actually is an action that tells the Universe you are dead serious about what you want.

Nothing will happen until you take action.

For example, one of my goal is to change my car as soon as possible. One INSPIRED action that I took was to book a test drive. Another good example is to make a public commitment with whatever your goal is. Post it on social media.

So as Denise Duffield-Thomas did for me, let me ask you:

What inspired actions can you take that show the Universe you are serious about it? Write it in the comment section. Be passionate about it.

Then, be ready to RECEIVE because that’s the final step.


It sounds easy, but it is not. Even more when you are a woman.

We are so used to give give give that we have a hard time to accept. Know that if you are not tune in to what the Universe is giving you, you will likely sabotage yourself.

Pay attention! What opportunities have you sabotaged recently.

When someone is offering to pay for your coffee, just receive it.

Thank you! I receive that.

Receive compliments because you deserve it.

Are you ready? Do you feel like you can follow this magic formula and manifest the life of your dreams?


I am part of several study groups in which we talk a lot about manifesting the life of our dreams. I have put together a list of books that have helped me through my journey to financial freedom.

Here is the link! You will find the audible version as well.

I am also part of a FREE mastermind called Wealth Mastermind Creation, in which we study books such as The Science of Getting Rich, Think and Grow Rich and The Kybalion. Let me know if you want in by commenting below.

Last but not least, Gabby Bernstein just published a new book Super Attractor, which is another book that will guide you to create abundance in your life.

I hope you enjoy this post. I would to hear from you, so do not hesitate to reach out to me.


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