For those who know me already and follow me on social media, you know that I am trying to work out every single day. But I have to say that sometimes I just don’t feel like it. Have you ever said to yourself: Do I really need to work out during pregnancy? On those days I really feel tired? The answer is YES, you do! You should definitely exercise and here comes your WHY list.

  1. Labor and delivery will be easier

  2. You are likely to put on less weight

  3. You are going to lower your diabete risk by as much as 27%

  4. You are probably feel good after each workout

  5. It is going to help you reduce some pains

  6. You are much likely to het less constipated

  7. It will give you a lot more energy

You want more? Or are you convinced already?

  1. You are going to have better flexibility

  2. You are going to have a better sex life

  3. You are going to be more fit throughout you life

  4. You are going to feel more like a hot mama

Have I convinced you? It definitely work with me. I hope it helps you get motivated :) And if you ever lack motivation, do it with me. I will be your accountable partner. Follow me on IG!