Do you know how bad artificial dyes are for our body? They are super bad, but do you know what is worse? Pretty much all the cosmetics from our favorite brands are packed with those. I think it is time to learn a bit about it and be more conscious of what we put on our skin.

FDA, the Food and Drugs Administration, is supposed to protect us against harmful ingredients in our food and the products we use, such as personal care products, cosmetics, and much more. The problem is that they has approved the synthetic colorants used and deemed it safe for drugs, food, and cosmetics. Besides that, unlike the European Union, the United States allows cosmetics brands to use nearly any new ingredient and chemical in their product without any government approval. Last but not least, brands are allowed not to display every ingredients found on their labels.

And here comes a list of my favorite non-toxic cosmetics brands:

  1. Arbonne and the makeup line

  2. 100% Pure

  3. Au Naturel

  4. Real Purity

  5. Kosas

What are your favorite ones?