About Charlotte Petit Noble


Where Does Charlotte Live?

Charlotte resides 30 minutes away from Los Angeles, in Woodland Hills, CA. She is actually working in a studio in Marina Del Rey where she takes her clients.

How Can I Connect with Charlotte Directly?

If you want to request an online or in-person session with Charlotte, you can send her an email at charlottepetitnoble@gmail.com

Who is Charlotte?

Hey Guys! I am Charlotte. I am from Paris, France, but I live in Los Angeles now. I am a part-time hairstylist & beauty educator and I volunteer with Look Good Feel Better foundation leading beauty workshops for women in Cancer treatment.

I am super passionate about health and wellness starting with myself and with my clients. I have always wished to make a bigger impact in this world and help much more people on a much deeper level. That’s exactly why I chose to run a side business with Arbonne, a health and wellness network marketing company that is so caring and amazing that I get now help so many people to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and go after their dreams. I am always looking for amazing personalities to join my team of unicorns.

My mission is to be as inspiring as I can and empower as many people as I can to live their dreams fully.

Charlotte’s Credentials

Licensed Cosmetologist
Certified Volunteer with Look Good Feel Better
Master Degree in Communication, Marketing & Finance

Where Can I follow Charlotte on Social?